Mechanical Engineering



Scott Harlan P.E.

California Professional Engineer License M31719


19518 Creekside Ct.  

Salinas, California 93908



  • Project Management
  • Engineering Group Management

Managing engineering projects involves managing technical decisions, people, and risk. Engineering managers also have to communicate clearly with vendors, other departments and customers,  A manager will be better prepared to perform these diverse tasks if he has both machine design and management experience.   My experience managing engineering groups  in both California and Kansas has included projects involving teams in different states and sometimes in different countries.  If you need an engineering manager to fill a temporary void or allow you to pursue new projects, I have the experience to fill that role.  

Scott Harlan P.E. Consulting Mechanical Engineer
Image description

Half of the larger cargo pictured was made in Europe during early production of this cargo loader.  This required comprehensive coordination and management between the two manufacturing factories.